Kamogawa Seaworld Photos by digitalbear on Flickr.

Nalani, Believe, 2011
Topsy Turvy by lolilujah on Flickr.
Kalina by Shamufan88 on Flickr.
DSC_5058 by orcalover109 on Flickr.
Takara and Trua by Shamufan88 on Flickr.
Killer_Whale___Nootka_IV by SMSea on Flickr.
Shamu Up Close by Seals4Reals on Flickr.
Ramu by Shamufan88 on Flickr.

tilixum said: For the anon asking about Tilikum preforming, he was out during the 11:00 show on July 19th, and the was out that Monday at the 11:30 show, he seems to be preforming in the mornings a lot.

Thanks for the message!


I guess rainbows do lead to something great!

Katina during Light Up The Night🎆✨ #kaseykphotography
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food-is-lyfe130 said: Does anyone know if the tank water will hurt my camera? It's waterproof and I've taken it into the Indian river before but I just want to be sure. Thanks! :)

Sounds like you should be fine, especially since you aren’t submerging it fully in the tank. Waterproof also implies salt-waterproof but you might want to double check that everything is sealed and then clean off the salt at the end of the day.

Anonymous said: Does Tilikum still perform? And do they still have the Underwater viewing in Seaworld Orlando?

Tilikum has been seen performing as recently as one week ago, he just performs less often than he used to, and the underwater viewing is still open but the whales may not always be in there. Thanks for the message!


Our Favorites - Malia and Nalani during Shamu Up Close